4 Jan

Agency confirmed as lead for new Cedarwood Festival

Agency confirmed as lead for new Cedarwood Festival.

Cedarwood Festival’s inaugurate event will launch in County Durham, in July 2020 with Vidan Lawnes as lead agency ahead of campaign. The festival will welcome guests from across the North of England and South Scotland and has already secured sponsorship from organisations across the country. Along with seminars delivered by internationally recognised speakers the festival will include music, entertainment and catering from local performers and vendors.

The festival has secured sponsorship from national charities MAF UK and CAP with local charity Safe Families for Children; coverage for the sponsorships will be provided by the marketing agency along with branded signage for the festival site itself. The agency will develop a range of advertising and sponsorship packages for charities and businesses that will be critical in funding the festival.

Having led on large scale brand activations across the globe, Vidan Lawnes was well placed to develop and launch Cedarwood Festival’s new brand and digital. The agency’s digital team developed the online and strategy alongside social integrations and key e-commerce platforms.

Vidan Lawnes will work alongside event partners, Tenpast Events, and Necta social in the delivery of Cedarwood Festival 2020.

“Usually you’ll find new festivals launching towards the South of the country; the excitement and commitment from Cedarwood partners and guests shows that people believe in the region, and that you don’t need to travel a hundred miles for a great festival experience.”

Check out Cedarwood Festival online.