17 Oct

Creative directors featured by Loughborough University

The creative work of Adrian Jankowiak and David Stretton-Downes as part of an installation at London Design Biennale 2018 has been featured by Loughborough University.

Loughborough University Alumni Association feature achievements from graduates to both celebrate them and inspire current students. Many Loughborough alumni have performed exceptionally in their fields, from launching successful businesses to landing influential roles in industry.

The Alumni Association’s latest feature focused outside of career achievements and shone a light on the social and cultural impact of graduates Adrian Jankowiak and David Stretton-Downes’ collaboration.

Both alumni graduated in 2010, Jankowiak with a degree in Industrial Design and Technology and Stretton-Downes with Product Design and Technology. Adrian went onto launch Nairobi Design Week, which celebrates all aspects of design and their influence on economic, social, cultural and environmental development in Kenya and beyond.

When Adrian and other Nairobi Design Week collaborators decided to shine a light on the plight of refugees, fellow graduate and creative partner David, has gone onto create marketing agency Vidan Lawnes. Vidan Lawnes is a full-service, independent creative agency that proactively seeks clients and projects that can change the world for good.

The organisations’ missions and relationship between founders made them a natural fit to work on the ‘Refugees Pavilion’ for London Design Biennale 2018. The installation featured several design pieces by refugees that shared their life and stories since displacement; Adrian and David collaborated on the #LabelledHuman campaign.

The #LabelledHuman campaign highlights the divide negative and positive labels create, especially for refugees, and seek to break them down with the realisation that “we are all #LabelledHuman”. The campaign that was primarily digitally focused, asked participants to share labels that have been attached to them against the slogan of the campaign, which is then broadcast through the campaign website.

David said:

“I’m really grateful to Loughborough University alumni for shining a light on this provocative campaign alongside the Refugees’ Pavilion. As we’ve worked on our contribution and assisted with other parts of the installation, the we’ve been struck by the devastation refugees are facing right now, and spurred on to do more to help them.

“Similar related campaign titled #HowWillTheyHear is another example of how this issue has grabbed us. I know my fellow Loughborough alumni will be able to find creative ways of using their expertise and passion to help men, women and children in this chilling predicament.”

Check out the Refugees’ Pavilion on London Design Biennale’s website.