14 Jun

Loughborough Design Degree show 2016

Loughborough University alumni and Creative Director, David Stretton-Downes, back at Design School.

Vidan Lawnes Co-Founder, back at Loughborough Design School.

The agency’s Creative Director was invited back to celebrate fellow Loughborough graduates’ achievements – but also to show the latest talent what they could go on to achieve next.

2016’s portfolios showcased a truly diverse group of talent. Product graduates alone demonstrated medical technology innovations, new work stations for designers and upgrades to home solutions – from waste collection to modern mosquito traps.

“It’s always fantastic to be back at the design school – it had been 6 years since leaving, but after a few minutes with pupils and staff it was as if I hadn’t even left. What I’ll take from the show the most is the sense of potential; seeing alumni who have achieved so much in their fields next to 2016’s graduates now leaving with such talent and skills – knowing they’re ready to go achieve great things and create new innovations too.” – David Stretton-Downes, Vidan Lawnes Creative Director

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